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Image by Thomas Vimare


Ketamine therapy is a safe, effective, and non-addictive treatment for Treatment Resistant Depression. Our experienced team of medical professionals administer the treatment in a comfortable, secure environment, ensuring personalized care for every patient. Ketamine treatment has been proven to offer fast, long-lasting relief from mental health symptoms with minimal side effects.



KetaMist® is a revolutionary method of Ketamine delivery for Treatment Resistant Depression and other conditions. KetaMist® does not use IVs or needles, is half the cost, and allows the patient to control their ketamine delivery in therapeutic doses that are optimized for each individual patient.  Many patients who failed Spravato found success with KetaMist®.


Ketamine Treatment Rooms

Call us to book a Ketamine Treatment evaluation. You may even be able to to receive your first treatment on the same day as your evaluation. Our patients enjoy our variety of comfortable Ketamine Treatment Rooms.  

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